Board Elections

Important 2023 Election Information

Sea Pines POA Board Election Results

The Sea Pines POA is delighted to announce the results of our board member elections.

The following individuals were elected to 3-year terms commencing  January, 1, 2023.

Keith Burns

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Kerry de Vallette

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Ed Hughes

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Sea Pines POA Nominating Committee Members

  • Greg Thomson – Committee Chair
  • Lee Stevens
  • Lori Wellinghoff

A candidate may be nominated by a Member if:

  • the nomination is supported by a petition naming the person to be nominated who must be an Owner, spouse of an Owner, a beneficiary of a trust that is an Owner, or an owner of an interest in an entity that is an Owner;
  • the petition bears the names, original written signatures, phone numbers and addresses of at least fifty (50) Members;
  • the petitioner establishes that the candidate is eligible to be a Director and is ready, willing and able to serve; and
  • the petition reaches the Nominating Committee by October 3 prior to the election. Proposed candidates shall be responsible for the integrity of their petitions. Petitions may be audited for compliance with petition requirements. Petitions without valid Sea Pines POA Member original signatures may be ruled invalid and may be disqualified by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

Click here to request a petition template.

Election Application

You can complete this form online (below) or download and complete at your leisure. Please return the downloaded and completed form to 2 Corpus Christi, #302, HHI, SC 29928 or email to by August 1, 2022.

In addition to those nominated by the Nominating Committee of Sea Pines POA, persons may be nominated by petition.

The following requirements of the petition process are:

  • Petition to be signed by 50 valid Sea Pines POA Members in good standing.
  • The candidate has to be willing and able to serve.
  • Sea Pines POA By-laws require the petition to reach said Nominating Committee by October 3rd, 2022.

Education and Business Experience

Please list education, business and/or other experiences that you believe are relevant. Also list any professional/technical designations or licenses that you hold.

Community Service Experience

Please list current and previous community service activities, interests, directorships, etc. ‐ public and private. For each activity indicate the years served and positions held.

Specialized Skills You Would Bring to Sea Pines POA

Other Relevant Activities, Experience, Interests, etc.

Please list other activities, knowledge, or professional experience that would contribute to your effectiveness as an Sea Pines POA Board Director.

Request from the Applicant

The Nominating Committee has requested that you provide a brief biography (limited to 150 words) and a statement on “Why I Wish to Serve the Sea Pines Community” (limited to 150 words) as word document attachments along with your application submission.

If selected, these submissions will be published in our Board of Directors Candidate Brochure, as submitted.


Why I Wish to Serve the Sea Pines Community