About Us

The Sea Pines Property Owners Association is a volunteer-led organization established by-charter and incorporated in 1973 We advocate exclusively for Residential Property Owners. We operate independently from the CSA and the Resort. We are your voice. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all residential property owners in order to ensure that Sea Pines is consistently one of the most desirable places to live in America.

Our Mission

Advance Quality of Life for Sea Pines Residential Property Owners

We will concentrate our efforts on tasks within the Areas of Focus outlined below to positively enhance the quality of life for all residential property owners within Sea Pines.

Sea Pines POA provides a forum for discussion, debate, and promoting the common good and welfare of Owners and to represent them in pursuit of these objectives.


How We Function

Today, Sea Pines POA and The Advisory Board

  • Provide a forum for discussion of problems of mutual interest to Owners and thus encourage the formulation and advancement of ideas and projects which will promote the best interests of property owners
  • Provide and fulfill the functions designated to The Advisory Board in the Agreement and Conditional Assignment of Rights
  • Provide a channel of communication with the Resort and other commercial entities within Sea Pines Plantation
  • Provide a vehicle for expressing opinions and objectives to the Town of Hilton Head Island and other public authorities
  • Cooperate with other property owners and civic associations in common goals
  • Ensure compliance with all terms and conditions imposed by all agreements, covenants, modifications, revisions, court orders and other documents which affect properties within the Sea Pines community
  • Appoint three (3) members to the Sea Pines Architectural Review Board
  • Appoint a representative to the CSA Short Term Rental Committee
  • Make Land Use Management recommendations for non-conforming properties
  • Serve as successor to CSA when certain conditions apply should CSA not be able to perform its duties

Additional Activities

Our Areas of Focus

Communication and Education

We will inform our Members as to what the Sea Pines POA is doing within the various work groups and task forces organized by the Board. We provide a forum for listening, learning and sharing information with and for our Members, including the activities and actions of other parties that impact residential property owners (e.g. – Town of Hilton Head, Beaufort County, State of South Carolina, CSA, ARB and The Sea Pines Resort). 

Monitor Third Party Activities Impacting Sea Pines

We will monitor comparable communities across the Low Country and beyond, to stay current on best practices and quality of life issues relevant to Sea Pines. We will follow the activities of the Town of Hilton Head, Beaufort County, State of South Carolina, CSA, ARB and The Sea Pines Resort that impact our community in order to identify, as early as possible, issues that may concern our residential property owner Members. 

Represent Residential Property Owner Priorities and Advocate Outcomes

We will provide opportunities for our Members to communicate with us at our in-person board meetings, via our web site, via electronic surveys and other means so our Members can share matters that are most important to them. We aggregate Member input and feedback, along with issues and opportunities we as a board see on the horizon, in order to prioritize which matters we undertake. Where appropriate, the Board will publish a public position and/or comment on pressing issues. 

Build Relationships and Partnerships

We are open to working with any single community stakeholder or group of stakeholders within Sea Pines where there is a shared commitment to positively impacting the quality of life for the majority of residential property owners within our community. 

Build Sense of Community and Engagement

We foster a sense of community in Sea Pines by providing an enlightening monthly newsletter for our Members and by hosting a variety of Member-only events like the Third-Tuesday Speaker Series and our Annual Spring Meeting/Gathering. We also provide a means of communication so our Members can promote events they are conducting that are of interest and importance to fellow Sea Pines POA Members.

Sea Pines POA Timeline


Covenants name Association of Sea Pines Plantation Property Owners (ASPPPO) as an organization with the specific right to enforce the 1974 Covenants


Settlement Agreement – limits the number of hotel, motel and/or Inn rooms that could be built in Sea Pines with the approval of Sea Pines Property Owners Association.


CSA was formed


Recognized as successor to The Advisory Board and named as successor to CSA should CSA not be able to perform its duties


Received non-exclusive rights to enforce the 1970 Covenants.


Began doing business as SEA PINES PROPERTY OWNERS

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